Resume & CV Sample for Engineer

Resume-CV Sample for Engineer

Position Summary- Engineer

There are various specializations in Engineering including Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Petroleum, Electrical, Aerospace, and Software development to name a few. Engineers possess in-depth knowledge in their specialised fields with fundamental understanding in related fields. Engineers, typically, move up the corporate ladder from project, function, and department managers in the initial stages of their careers, to becoming COOs and CEOs of organisations after gaining significant experience.

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Engineers ought to have in-depth industry knowledge along with clear understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including complex mathematical analysis and calculus, for design and troubleshooting. They require critical thinking, strong technical and problem solving skills besides creativity to- identify, assess and analyse complex problems; think of new systems and find ways to develop solutions. Additionally, it is vital for them to have quick decision making skills to handle urgent situations.510x120-v5

They need to be team players with strong management and leadership skills. They work on projects together with other team members and their responsibilities may include building, managing and leading teams depending on their project requirements. The ability to get along well and motivate team members is crucial to be a productive and successful Engineer.

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Tips To Write CV For The Position

Below are some tips for writing a CV of Engineer


  • Engineering has numerous areas of specialisation, therefore it is important to correctly position yourself, in the beginning of the CV, for the kind of role you are seeking. Write a summary statement in 2-4 lines and use your career highlights, that match with the job description, to convince the recruiter that you are the perfect candidate for the role.


A versatile and creative Mechanical Engineer with over 10 years of experience in project management and quality assurance. Innovative approach and expertise in all stages of product development with a track record of managing within budget and time deadlines. Increased manufacturing efficiency by improving designs and components resulting in 25% cost reduction.

Emphasize on essential points in Work Experience 

    • It can be tricky to write an Engineering CV as you need to find the right balance of your technical and transferable skills. Highlight specific technical skills that you have used for troubleshooting. Give details of major projects you have worked on and your responsibilities in each role that match with the listed job. Emphasize on your soft and transferable skills like communication, Analytical and leadership skills etc.
    • Write your CV in reverse chronological order. Your most recent relevant experience must be highlighted on the first page of your CV to get noticed instantaneously. Recapitulate your most significant experience and major achievements in bullet points, and support your statements through facts and figures.
    • Include achievements where you have completed a project within deadline and/or budget; if you have won any awards and accolades; contribution towards either developing a unique product or cost reduction using your creativity, technical abilities, critical thinking, analytical, problem solving or any other skills. Give actual numbers wherever applicable. For instance- Generated 2D and 3D visualisation resulting in 2 new contracts in the first month of joining.
    • If you are a fresh graduate or do not have many years of experience, include your qualifications, and relevant professional certifications, memberships, awards, and accolades on the top of your CV, followed by any volunteer or freelance work experience.
    • Avoid using unnecessary jargons and abbreviations as the recruiter who first reviews your CV may not understand technical language. However, it is important to use keywords from the job description to get shortlisted by the Application Tracking System, but ensure that they are not overly repeated.
    • Keep your CV to the point and tailor it to match the job description. Choose a professional font, avoid making grammatical errors, check again for mistakes, and get it proofread by someone else, if possible.


    ABC Construction, Hong Kong

    Senior Mechanical Engineer, August, 2017 – April, 2019

    • Effectively led a team of 12 Engineers and 24 technicians across 6 sites.
    • Identified faulty operation by investigating equipment failures and difficulties, and recommended cost effective solutions adhering to safety standards.
    • Worked in coordination with contractors and served as the primary point of contact with the client, subcontractors, and regulators.

    XYZ Manufacturing, Hong Kong

    Mechanical Engineer, February, 2011 – July, 2017

    • Identified process deficiencies and developed solutions ensuring cost effective process implementation, resulting in savings of HKD 1 million.
    • Worked closely with clients and internal departments for costing, quality assurance and design for manufacturing of products.
    • Generated and analysed product reports, and made critical suggestions for correction of errors.
    • Participated in brainstorming sessions and devised effective solutions to manufacturing problems.

    OPQ Engineering, Hong Kong

    Associate Mechanical Engineer, March, 2009 – January, 2011

    • Created and tested product prototypes in collaboration with other team members.
    • Assisted in designing layouts and project planning for the mechanical systems using computer aided design applications.
    • Implemented quality standards and tested new methods and equipment for projects.


    Key Skills

    • Some of the key skills for Engineers are critical thinking; problem solving and analytical skills; strong decision making, project management, time management, attention to detail, creativity and imagination; leadership and management skills; team work, self-motivation and the ability to motivate team members; strong communication and listening skills.

    Software Skills

    • Hand-on experience in Microsoft Office in addition to knowledge of design and modeling software like SolidWorks, AutoCAD etc.


    Proficient in MS Word, Mathcad, SolidWorks, FEA, and AutoCAD


    • Engineers require a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field like Mechanical, Industrial, Design or Electrical Engineering etc.


    B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering)

    The University of Hong Kong


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